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Update by user Feb 15, 2018

No one has contacted me, and Trane has basically wiped their hans with their promised "Warranty"

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2018

I previously had a Trane that lasted almost 20 years so I decided to purchase the top of the line Trane 20xi variable speed unit when it was time to purchase the new unit. Unfortunately Trane is no longer owned by the original family and the current quality is no where near the same and the Customer treatment is a total joke.

Two weeks after I purchased the unit, the blower burned out, it took one week to get a replacement in Miami during July. Five years later the blower burned out again, but this time they said that the warranty would not cover the repair because it was expired. I called and spoke to the Rep and he told me that I never registered the unit, which was incorrect. After insisting that it was registered he informed me that I had only registered the exterior part of the unit and not the air handler.

I explained that I purchased an AC system and no-one explained that there were separate registrations that had to be conducted when the unit was being registered with Trane. They asked the question, and the answers were given. I told the Rep that the responses given during registration were for the questions they had asked. They refused to acknowledge they had made a mistake.

The finally said they would not honor the warranty but if I submitted to them they yearly service records they may be able to do something, so I submitted all of the invoices for each year, and after two weeks they said, thank you for being a Customer, as a courtesy we are sending you a check for $130.00. This was informed to me two weeks later, while the unit was still broken waiting for them to respond from their escalation department, in the middle of the hot summer month of August in Miami. This is abusive!! Then, the out of pocket for the repair costs $1,000.00.

I purchased a $6,000 AC unit, to be scammed into not honoring the warranty of the unit. I purchased an AC System, not AC components. When the call was placed to register the system, they asked the questions, and the questions were answered, no one informed me that I had to do it twice. BEWARE, this is just another way to make false promises!!!

They state on the website, 10 year warranty if the unit is registered, not if the components are registered!! If they do not respond, I have been recommend filing suit in small claims court. If everybody does this, it will cost them millions and they will have to honor their promises or go out of business form paying all of the lawsuits!!!!! Small Claim Lawsuits are very inexpensive and you do not need an attorney, but they will have to pay for an attorney ($$$$$), reimburse court costs ($$$$$), and pay for damages ($$$$$$).

Instead of doing the honorable thing by their Customers.

Maybe what they need to understand is how much $$$$$$$ it will cost them. I purchased an expensive unit, I never expected this from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trane Xl20I Air Conditioner.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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