The Trane XL20I is listed as the top of their line. It is sold to consumers as being extremely well built and tested. My experience has been that after only 6 months BOTH COMPRESSORS FAILED, as well as some unknown electrical problems. Ref# 378339

Trane stated this has never happened, yet they are unwilling to replace the compressor unit to determine what has happened. They stated there needed to be three failure events before they consider replacing the compressor unit. They indicated the failure of both compressors is considered one failure.

If Trane is unwilling to stand behind a product which costs in excess of $10,000 then anyone considering Trane may want to think about how you would feel if this had just happened to you.

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Peoria, Arizona, United States #875452

Duped Trane customer

Have had nothing but problems with the XL20i.Installer and service problematic as well.

Holding back the company as I'm trying to get them to rectify the issues now for a third time. Really regretting the choice of unit and install company. When you spend 10K plus on a so-called state of the art unit, one would like to think compressor failures, multiple service codes etc. would not be a recurrent thing.

Go with carrier, wish i had.

The builder installed installed unit lasted 15 years in AZ heat and ran flawlessly.Shame on me.


I am sorry to hear that you had this experience.It sounds to me like you had an inexperienced crew for your installation.

That or you got a lemon, which is a fact of life in all manufacturing, Although I can't imagine a single reason why your dealer and/or the distributor wouldn't have bent over backwards to rectify your issue. Honestly what you've described sounds more like something that should be handled in civil court as oppose to a complaint forum. I have been a Trane dealer for close to 20 years now and I have never had 1 single customer have a complaint like this. Not to mention that I include a 1 year ALL INCLUSIVE WARRANTY with the purchase of a Trane system, especially our #1 highest quality residential unit in the 20i.

Also those compressors are warranteed for 10 years minimum so I find it extremely hard to believe that what you've stated has not been imbelished or fabricated in some way shape or form. I wish I could have installed that system for you then you'd be inviting me to your kids christenings like all of my overly satisfied customers.

Now there's an imbellishment for you.Good luck in the future.

to Trane Dealer Sikeston Missouri San Diego, California, United States #620818

ANY manufacturer would replace a compressor after six months.

to Trane Dealer Sikeston Missouri Port Aransas, Texas, United States #684875

Thank you for your response....this is a 20i......no embellishment ..our dealer has been very responsible.However.

Trane rep has been horrible.....we have 4 units similar at our ranch. No big issues...the one at our beach condo has been one code after another....our dealer has asked trane to replace.... I personally had the rep tell me after I said I was getting a lawyer he would replace what was needed...if one more issue arose...that was 3 Times ago...he now won't return dealer calls......I have contacted new jersey corp headquarters. Hopefully they will respond...

Wish you were here...Vialissa.South texas

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